5 Good Reasons to See a Chiropractor

chiropractor officeIf you’ve never been to a chiropractor, perhaps it’s because you’re apprehensively thinking of a doctor crushing all of your bones. Or maybe you just don’t realize the benefits that chiropractic care can offer you. Like many people, you might call your general practitioner first if you feel something is wrong with you. Whether it’s a sore neck, back pain, achy joints or allergies, you probably call your physician without giving a second thought. But did you know that a chiropractor can give you lots of expert help?

Here Are 5 Good Reasons to See a Chiropractor:

It Simply Works – Studies indicate that chiropractic care for back pain is more successful and less expensive than other types of treatment. Additionally, chiropractors can get you on the road to recovery faster without the use of drugs or surgery. Studies also show that for long term pain relief, chiropractic care is more effective and works faster than drug therapy does. Unlike drug therapy, chiropractic treatment doesn’t pose any dangerous side effects.

More Than Just Back Pain – Besides back pain, you can get medical attention for allergies, headaches and migraines, joint pain, smoking cessation, nutritional counseling and overall well-being. Many chiropractors are able to do sports physicals and general employment physicals for much less than what a general practitioner charges. Chiropractors take into account the entire picture, not just one or two symptoms.

Use of Non-Invasive Procedures – Since chiropractors don’t like invasive procedures, they aim to treat patients in non-surgical ways. In fact, the success rate for surgery is far lower than one might suspect. The cost of surgery is high and does present infection risks and other side effects. A chiropractor’s objective is to fix the original problem instead of simply treating the symptoms.

It Costs Much Less – People suffering from back pain in the United States spend more than $60 billion annually seeking relief. Many workers compensation board studies concluded that chiropractic care reduced medical costs by almost 30 percent when compared with conventional treatment methods. Additionally, Blue Cross Blue Shield studies have indicated that more money being spent on chiropractic care goes to patient care.

Covered By Health Insurance – Fortunately, many chiropractic procedures are covered by health insurance. It seems that most insurance companies like to avoid paying for certain medical costs. But the fact that insurance companies recognize the value of chiropractic care is more assurance that it’s indeed effective.